Workplace Contract Disputes

Whether full-time, temporary or contract, all Pennsylvania employees are entitled to fair pay and working conditions free from harassment or discrimination based on your membership in one of the recognized protected categories. If you`ve encountered problems in your work, contact Weisberg Cummings, P.C. for a free consultation on the best ways to advocate for your rights in the workplace. A contract is an agreement that is supposed to be legally binding, where you give up something and get something. With employment contracts, you often receive a salary or salary. Other employment contracts attempt to cause you to waive certain rights that the law guarantees you. • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination against qualified persons with disabilities in workplace application processes, hiring, firing, promotion, compensation, education and other areas of employment; and if you are a party to an employment contract and your employer has breached it, a lawyer can help you enforce the contract and recover the damages you have suffered. However, it is important to act quickly. At Console Mattiacci Law, LLC, we pride ourselves on representing employees in contractual matters, including negotiations and litigation. Call us today at 215-545-7676 to make an appointment. Console Mattiacci Law, LLC recently represented Charles Nifong, the former chief investment officer and vice president of finance for Allentown-based CrossAmerica (formerly Lehigh Gas), which was acquired by CST Services. The case concerned a contract in which the beneficiary was Mr.

Nifong and Mr. Nifong certain benefits if his important professional functions were reduced as a result of a change of control in the company. A contract employee has even more job security: he cannot be fired for an additional reason specified in the contract. Labour law can cover a number of claims that arise between employers and employees. If you feel you have been unfairly fired or if you have a dispute in your contract, it is best to follow your internal processes or seek the help of lawyers who can guide you in the situation. Your employment contract usually consists of a series of documents that describe how your relationship with your employer will work. You can have an “employment contract” as well as access to the HR documents and policies to which the contract relates. Sometimes the contract is less formal – and you may need to provide evidence of what happened in the past. B such as the amount you have been paid and how often you need to determine what the terms of your contract are. It may be more difficult, but that doesn`t mean you don`t have a contract.

If you`re not sure of your position, or if you`re pretty sure your employer has breached your contract and you want to pursue this as a labor dispute, we can talk to you about the next steps. Call us or fill out our 60-second application form with some details and one of our experienced labour dispute lawyers will contact you! Almost all collective agreements in the United States include a complaints procedure. As part of the complaint procedure, the union and the employer attempt to settle any dispute concerning the meaning or application of the contract themselves. If the parties fail, they can invoke arbitration, a procedure that usually requires the case to be referred to an impartial third party for a final and binding decision. A contractual dispute may arise because your employer has not paid you properly or has not granted you the number of vacation days specified in the contract. A dispute can also arise from the same facts that would give you a complaint of discrimination. If your employer unlawfully discriminates against you, they have likely breached the implicit duty of mutual trust. If you are concerned that your employer is not treating you in accordance with your employment contract, you must first determine what is in your contract. You can then develop the best course of action. Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, it is the duty of employers to provide the employee with a written document setting out the terms and conditions of his or her employment within 2 months of the date of entry. However, even if official documents are issued, there can be frequent contractual disputes during the employment relationship, which can easily lead to internal discussions or even legal proceedings. So even if a contract is in effect, what are the common contractual disputes that you are still likely to encounter? Here there are often conflicts of employment contract that exist.

A joint agreement requires that you do not operate a competing business after leaving your employer. A “non-compete obligation” should be reviewed by an experienced labour lawyer at Weisberg Cummings, P.C. We can tell you exactly what the Treaty requires, whether it makes sense and whether we can improve it through contractual negotiations. We offer this service at an affordable “fee-for-service” price. A written contract setting out the employee`s compensation, obligations and obligations to the employer protects an employee from dismissal by the employer on short notice. If you`re dealing with something stressful like a contract dispute, you need to make sure you`ll be supported by a team that understands what you`re going through and can give you solid, practical advice on where you stand and what you should do. Truth Legal is a friendly and ethical law firm that is passionate about justice for people who have been abused at work. Every client and every employment contract is different, which is why we always adjust our advice to ensure that we resolve contractual disputes in the right way for the individual.

We also ensure that each case is handled by a qualified lawyer with the right experience in labour disputes to handle your case. Your case will never be at the end of a pile, we will be available to talk to you if you need us, and we will be guided by you as much as possible in the whole matter. Nevertheless, there are important exceptions to the “at will” clause that establishes the concept of unlawful termination. On the one hand, your employer cannot break a contract with you. It`s rare these days, but sometimes we see a contract terminate for years or just for a good reason. Your employer may pay you instead of working that time, but they are not required to do so. You cannot be fired without notice unless your employer has a valid reason, for example. B serious misconduct. In these cases, your contract (verbal or written) may be terminated with immediate effect, and no notice period is required or should be paid in lieu of the work. Your employer must state why they did so and have sufficient evidence to justify their decision if you take the incident to a labour court. Our Harrisburg-based firm focuses on employment issues related to compensation, overtime, discrimination, job security and sexual harassment. For certain purposes, such as.B.

Discrimination on the basis of race or harassment, the rights of temporary workers are essentially identical to those enjoyed by full-time workers. However, when it comes to compensation, health insurance, promotion or recruitment, there are obvious disadvantages of time or entrepreneur status. If you have a specific work-related problem, our lawyers can advise you on how the law protects you or not. The complaint provisions of a collective agreement govern the procedure for resolving disputes in the workplace. Typical complaint procedures typically involve at least three steps: (1) An employee and his or her union representative orally submit their complaint to the supervisor, who has the authority to resolve it; (2) If the matter has not yet been settled at this stage, it shall be reduced to writing and the trade union leader and trade union officials shall consult with management; (3) If no agreement is reached, the injured employee may refer the matter to arbitration that is binding on all parties. The types of financial damages are usually sought in an employment contract lawsuit: Whether you need to perform a contract or your employer is trying to force you to agree to certain terms that might not benefit you, contact the contract attorneys at Weisberg Cummings, P.C. From our offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we are proud to serve employees and businesses throughout Pennsylvania. .

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